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Feathers In Focus

Watch the website for 2018 dates to join us for Feathers In Focus, a Raptor Photography Workshop 2017 Information: Join us for a unique opportunity to photograph our raptor educational animal ambassadors up close and learn about their species. Feathers In Focus will be held Saturday, September 16th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Insights from a Wildlife Photographer will lead off this program at the Wildlife In Need Center. Handlers will be with the raptors outside the center in natural locations to help create unique photos. Grace, The American Kestrel is featured below right. Featured will be Dakota The Great Horned Owl, Grace The American Kestrel, Chloe The Eastern Screech Owl, Sova The Barred Owl and Raenah The Red Tailed Hawk. This is a ticketed event with limited space. Photographers will be able to submit photos for best entry. Winning photos will be featured in WINC’s newsletter and shared at our public Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser In Dousman, Wisconsin on September 23rd. $60 ($55 for members) Reservations required prior to day of event. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR... read more

Chase Turns One!

Chase one of our Animal Ambassadors is a captive bred striped skunk that was born on May 9th, 2016. WINC staff just celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday, Chase! Wild striped skunks have a risk of carrying rabies and therefore cannot be rehabilitated in Wisconsin. Chase has been raised and cared for by our staff and he was descented at a young age, therefore he will live permanently at WINC. As a frequently misunderstood species, he is a very important addition to our education team. The striped skunk is a nocturnal mammal that can be found throughout Wisconsin and North America. The striped skunk is known for their black fur with a wide, white stripe that starts at their head, divides in half and stretches to their back end. Their tail is long, bushy, black and white. Their front feet are each equipped with long, curved claws that help them with their natural digging instincts. They have poor eye sight but their nose is powerful enough to smell below the surface of the ground. Skunks eat plant and animal foods during fall and winter and insects are their preferred food which make up the bulk of their diet in spring and summer. Skunks dig for grubs that would often otherwise kill crops and lawns. Skunks also eat mice, young rabbits, ground squirrels, voles, birds and bird eggs. Skunks are definitely a big help when it comes to pest control. Skunks are not true hibernators during the winter months but they prefer to keep warm inside den sites. Their breeding season begins in February and a single litter of... read more


Share Your Heart!

Heart of Canal Street is Potawatomi Hotel & Casino’s signature community program that raises funds for children’s charities – and Wildlife In Need Center is in the running to be a beneficiary.

Heart of Canal Street has raised nearly $17 million for hundreds of area children’s charities since 1994. The program honors the Potawatomi tradition of nurturing younger generations so they grow to lead healthy, productive lives.

Half of each $3 or $7 Canal Street Bingo game purchased goes to the Heart of Canal Street fund, which totaled more than $1.1 million last year! Share your heart by playing the Canal Street Bingo game now through Dec. 14. Visit to learn more.