Kids Helping Wildlife

WINC needs people of all ages to help fulfill its purpose of rehabilitating wildlife and educating the public. That includes kids like you! WINC is grateful to all of the kids who have volunteered, donated and done projects to help Wisconsin wildlife.


Listed below are kids, just like you, who have recently contributed to WINC and ways that you can help too!



Many children volunteer at WINC throughout the year to help injured or orphaned wildlife! Our Baby Bird Feeding program allows children aged 14 and older (12-13 with a parent or guardian) the opportunity to help care for and feed baby birds that are brought to the center for care.



There are many different ways that you can donate to WINC. Whether it be the money earned from household chores to donating pinecones you have collected from the yard, there is always a way to help out. Here are some items that you can collect to bring to WINC:

  • Greens
  • Earthworms
  • Maple seeds, pinecones and nuts
  • Berries
  • Small tree branches



Many of you can also help wildlife through your scout and school groups or even on your own or with a group of friends through various projects. If you are a boy or girl scout there are even projects that you can do to help wildlife and earn a badge! Here are some projects that you can do to help your wild neighbors at home, but be sure you have an adult’s help first.


With help from you and the groups you belong to, we are able to get along better with our wild neighbors, keeping them and us safe!  Thank you!