The Wildlife In Need Center accepts all species of Wisconsin wildlife except skunks (prohibited by the DNR), annually treating up to 2,500 animals of over 140 species. Over 68,500 injured, sick or orphaned animals have passed through the Wildlife in Need Center’s doors since January 1, 1994. 80% of these animals were admitted because of interactions with humans.

You found a tree squirrel – Now what?

You found a baby bunny – Now what?

You found a baby raccoon – now what do you do?

Helpful hints to help turtles


If you brought an animal to WINC’s wildlife hospital and would like to help please donate using the button below.




  • Found an animal? : Have you found a bird, mammal, reptile, or amphibian that you think is in need of our help? Visit this page to learn what to do next.
  • Wildlife Release Program : Many of our patients cannot be returned to their original homes due to habitat and human disturbance – you can help!  Follow this link to learn about enrolling your land in our Wildlife Release Program.
  • Wildlife Resources : Want to learn about wildlife rehabilitation or find the contact information for area domestic or exotic animal resources?  Explore our page of Wildlife Resources.
  • Statistics: Interested in learning about the amount of animals the Wildlife In Need Center admits per year or to learn fun facts about our 2014 admissions? Check out our Statistics page.
  • Transporting An Animal : Have you confirmed that an animal needs our help, but are unsure as to how to capture and transport it to us?  Learn the best techniques by going to our Transporting an Animal page.
  • Living with Wildlife : Are bunnies eating your garden?  Woodchucks burrowing under your home?  Birds hitting your windows?  Follow this link to learn how to resolve conflicts with wildlife in around your home or neighborhood.