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*Please note: For small groups (about 35 adults or 55 children), the Wildlife In Need Center currently has facilities for on-site education. If you wish to hold the program at WINC, please leave the Location Address blank.

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If you have selected a program with our educational ambassadors and/or a PowerPoint presentation, please select the program option(s) you would like.

Please follow this link to our Program Options to find more details about what each option entails.

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The Wildlife In Need Center's education program fees are listed on the Wildlife Education page on our website.  The fees can be met monetarily, through in-kind collection of items from our wish list, or a combination of both. 

We also have an opportunity for groups to have the program fee to be covered partially or in full by means of a grant/scholarship that we offer through our center. The grant is called the Leslie Kiehl Education Program Fund. Please visit this page on our website for more information or to apply.

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