Birthday Parties & Special Events

Wildlife Themed Birthday Parties & Special Events

The Education Department at the Wildlife in Need Center would love to help you plan a wildlife themed event for any age!


For children:

The parties could include two of the following:

  • 15-60 minute education program (length depends on age of group) featuring our animal ambassadors
  • Nature scavenger hunt around a nearby hiking trail
  • Children’s indoor wildlife craft activity
  • Hands-on experience with our bio artifacts such as, skulls, pelts and feathers
  • Raptor pellet dissection


For adults:

We can offer an in-depth 15-75 minute education program (length depends on preference), which would feature between 2-5 of our animal ambassadors, giving your group an up-close and personal meeting!

If you would prefer not to have a formal program, we can also arrange to have a fun Meet and Greet-style event where we bring out a new animal every 5-15 minutes or so and mingle through the room, allowing people to ask questions and see them up close!


What’s Also Included/Space Size

We will provide table and chair setup, and request you bring decorations and refreshments.

Our event space can accommodate up to about 24 people (seated at tables)

A typical party is 3 hours long, including decoration/refreshment set up and clean up.


Event Fee

$300 (the fee can be met monetarily or through in-kind collection of items from our Wish Lists)


How to Schedule

Visit our online education program request form or call (262)-965-3090 x 103.  Reach out and let us know your interests so we can collaborate to make an event with memorable and interactive wildlife fun!