Adopt an Animal
Do you want to help injured, orphaned, or sick wildlife we treat every day in our wildlife hospital?
You can also help our wildlife education program and fourteen educational ambassadors share knowledge about the impact and positive influence we all can have on our wildlife neighbors by a symbolic adoption of your favorite animal.

Great gifts for Birthdays, Holidays and more!  

Your symbolic adoption includes an 8×10 photo of your favorite animal and personalized certificate (example below). Each adoption is $25. We can mail your adoption for an additional $5 for shipping and handling. Email for more information and include your order.
Download Here: Animal Adoption Form


Grace, American Kestrel

1. “Grace” American Kestrel


2. American Badger

Chloe, eastern screech owl

3. “Chloe” Eastern Screech Owl

white tail fawn

4. White-tailed Deer Fawn

northern saw whet owl

5. Northern Saw-Whet Owl

red fox

6. Red Fox

Juvenile American Robins

7. Juvenile American Robins

Antoinette, western painted turtle

8. “Antoinette” Western Painted Turtle

juvenile baltimore oriole

9. Juvenile Baltimore Oriole

juvenile barn swallows

10. Juvenile Barn Swallows

Barred Owlet

11. Barred Owlet

Bella, American toad

12. “Bella” American Toad

juvenile bluebird

13. Juvenile Eastern Bluebird

Juvenile Cedar Waxwing

14. Juvenile Cedar Waxwing

Common Garter Snake

15. Common Garter Snake

Dakota, great horned owl

16. “Dakota” Great Horned Owl

mallard duck

17. Mallard Duck

juvenile eastern cottontail

18. Juvenile Eastern Cottontail

Juvenile red squirrel

19. Juvenile Red Squirrel

Released barn owl

20. Released Barred Owl

Evie, western foxsnake

21. “Evie” Western Foxsnake


22. Woodchuck

eastern grey squirrel

23. Eastern Grey Squirrels

red fox

24. Red Fox

jewel, ornate box turtle

25. “Jewel” Ornate Box Turtle


26. Raccoon

opossum joey

27. Virginia Opossum Joey

juvenile flying squirrels

28. Juvenile Southern Flying Squirrels

juvenile northern flickers

29. Juvenile Northern Flickers

opossum joeys

30. Virginia Opossum Joeys

Pecan, flying squirrel

31. “Pecan” Southern Flying Squirrel

Raenah, red tail hawk

32. “Raenah” Red-tailed Hawk

juvenile american robins and cardinal

33. Juvenile American Robins and Northern Cardinal

renested great horned owlets

34. Re-nested Great Horned Owlets

Bella, American toad

35. “Bella” American Toad

Meadow, bullsnake

36. “Meadow” Bullsnake

adult flying squirrel

37. Adult Southern Flying Squirrel


38. Peregrine Falcon

Sova, barred owl

39. “Sova” Barred Owl