2023 Issu2 I Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.



In honor of my friend Anne Goode

Sharon Banach


In honor of my mother Beatrice Sarlos

Christina Herrforth


In honor of my granddaughter Cilla Ritchie

Anni Wait


In honor of our daughter Dayna Lofton

Phyllis & Michael Gaines


In honor of my co-worker and WINC Volunteer Deborah Wenzel

Erik Schacht


In honor of my friend and WINC Volunteer Jennifer Braden

Suzanne Benevenga

Holly Zugay


In honor of Joe, Carrie, Olivia and Avery Schaefer

Maggie Amin


In honor of my father-in-law Louise Roberts

Janet Bockelman and James Roberts


In honor of Lynne D

Wendy Mowbray


In honor of my mom Margorie Ford

Anni Wait


In honor of my friends Marlene and Ricky Burkwalk

Jeanne Goehrig


In honor of my grandfather Mekenna Verhagen

Rick Pearson


In honor of my grandmother Robby

Barbara Young


In honor of my friend Sandy Harsh

Mary Keane


In honor of Sharon Wolfsohn’s Birthday

Richard & Vickie Katschke


In honor of my sister Cookie

Loni Marik


In honor of Mr. Snappy Pants

Linda Wiedmann


In honor of Robin and Carol

Kathryn Mleziva


In honor of the rehabilitation of wildlife

Natalie Weiler


In honor of Dr. Alexander MacGillis

Jennifer Kuse


In honor of Gabe 87 Leonard

Kay Leonard


In memory of my sister Cookie

Loni Marek


In memory of my dog Dakota

Eugene Krueger


In memory of Dr. Alexander MacGillis

Ms. Mary Milbrath


In memory of my friend Frank Stockinger

Barbara Young


In memory of Fred Koestering

Jared Ferranti


In memory of Gordon Zimdars

Michol Ann Ford


In memory of Jack, the Kranendonk’s cat

Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts


In memory of my friend Leslie Kiehl

Ms. Diane Tate


In memory of Richard Sharp

Maria Cianciolo


In memory of my father Richard Smith

Kendall Smith


In memory of Robert Joseph Alvarado

Thomas & Mary Deau


In memory of Rocky

Karthik Ashokan


In memory of my friend Victoria

Kim Jakubowski


In memory of Gail Ellis

Wanda Dieball


In memory of my son Zach

James Wulf