Wildlife Release Program

The Wildlife in Need Center’s mission is to rehabilitate and release wildlife back into their natural environment and to provide quality education programs. Since inception, over 51,000 animals representing more than 140 species have been brought to WINC for care or medical attention. Each species requires a slightly different habitat in the wild to survive and a place to call home.

Unfortunately, many of our patients cannot be returned to their original homes due to habitat and human disturbance. Southeastern Wisconsin is expanding rapidly and appropriate release sites that will provide the resources our recovered wild patients need to survive are difficult to find, but you can help!

If you are interested in enrolling your land in our Wildlife Release Program please download, fill out, and return our Wildlife Release Site Permission Form and Wildlife Release Site Questionnaire. Please call us at (262) 965-3090 or email us at acushman@helpingwildlife.org with questions or completed applications.



Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk Released 2014