Whoo Love’s Wildlife!

Join us for a Valentine’s Day Themed Meet and Greet, Whoo Love’s Wildlife on Saturday, February 10th, 10am-Noon!

Visit us at the Wildlife in Need Center for an opportunity to meet our education ambassadors, take photos, check our scutes and scales display, check out our gift shop, and pick up some treats from our bake sale.

This is a kid-friendly event. This event has a suggested donation of $2 per person.

Come and meet educational ambassadors up-close and learn their stories and how they became ambassadors, along with fun facts about their species here in Wisconsin. Here are some of the Educational Animal Ambassadors you could potentially view and meet:

  • Jewel, the Ornate Box Turtle
  • Antionette, the Western Painted Turtle
  • Evie, the Eastern Fox Snake
  • Meadow, the Bullsnake
  • Lenny, the Virginia Opossum
  • Leucius, the Virginia Opossum
  • Chase the Striped Skunk
  • Twiggy, the Midland Painted Turtle
  • Willow may appear in her window, with her trainer.
  • Raenah and Dakota are still in training, and unfortunately won’t appear.

100% of funds raised during this event go to support the Wildlife In Need Center and our mission.

Hope to see you there!