Bat Emergency

Bats enter buildings for many reasons. Late Fall, winter, and Early spring, bats will have been in homes to hibernate but may became dehydrated, sick, or disturbed. Bat pups are born May through August and may fall from mothers or mothers may become fatigued and downed from the added burden of the bat pup. If you find a bat you suspect of illness, injury, or just found a bat on the ground, attached to the side of a wall or within your home monitor the bat from a distance. Do not approach or touch the bat right away. Please contact the Wildlife In Need Center at (262) 965-3090 and we can give you over the phone guidance on appropriate containment and, if needed, transport.

· Each bat rehabilitation center can admit bats only from specific counties. Please call your local bat rehabilitator for guidance before bringing them the bat to the clinic. The Wildlife In Need Center can only admit bats from Waukesha County.

· For more information on White Nose Syndrome visit the Wisconsin DNR Bat Program Website.

· For more information about the rabies virus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

· For more general information regarding bats, please visit the Wisconsin Humane Society website.