About WINC

The Wildlife In Need Center is dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education. WINC rehabilitates injured and orphaned wildlife and releases healthy animals back into their natural habitat. WINC also delivers educational programming to area elementary schools and to residents of all ages including scout groups, civic groups and senior citizens. The overall message of the programs is to encourage an understanding and appreciation of Wisconsin wildlife and to provide practical, real life applications on the best way for humans to interact with wildlife.


The WINC Team


Kim Banach, Executive Director
Lisa Rowe, Director of Operations & Wildlife Rehabilitator
Debbie Verhalen, Marketing and Administrative Assistant
Mandy Feavel, Director of Animal Care & Wildlife Rehabilitator
Mitch Ruiz, Wildlife Rehabilitator
Alexa Cushman, Wildlife Rehabilitator
Alex Schlecht, Raptor Training Specialist
Angela Nirk, Wildlife Educator
Erin Toohey, Wildlife Educator
Rylann Williams, Education Assistant and Scheduler
Jen Watton, Bookeeper


Board of Directors

Wayne Grandy, President

Thomas Demers, Vice-President

Shane Roeber, JD, Secretary

Lou Banach, Treasurer

Holly Schlenvogt, Past President

Dean Pipito

Lynn Wilde

Sara Ellenberger, DVM

Bridgett Brown

Gottlieb John Marmet, JD

Annette Wallace

Rick Nicolai

Barbara Muir

Heather Merewood

John Rupke, JD

Advisory Board
Michael Guzniczak
Harry Muir, Phd

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The Wildlife In Need Center is licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and U.S. Department of Agriculture. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.