The Wildlife In Need Center’s (WINC) education department and volunteers currently provide on average 130 programs for classrooms, youth groups, civic groups, and community organizations annually. Through oureducational animal ambassadors, coupled with other media presentations including Facebook and television appearances, WINC educates over 26,000 people each year. Our education programs share knowledge about the impact and positive influence we all can have on our wildlife neighbors. WINC is staffed and available to help every day, including weekends and most holidays. Our volunteers and staff answer thousands of wildlife questions over the telephone annually. When we aren’t available, we have a website full of useful resources as well as Facebook and Twitter pages where we provide helpful wildlife information and regularly answer questions regarding our wild neighbors.


  • Wildlife Education : WINC offers educational programming covering human and wildlife interactions, wildlife rehabilitation, species identification & natural history, as well as information on WINC as an organization.  Interested in learning more?  Visit our Wildlife Education page.
  • Request a Program : Follow this link to electronically send in all of the information pertinent to schedule a program.
  • Kids Helping Wildlife : Interested in helping wildlife but too young to volunteer at WINC?  Go to our Kids Helping Wildlife page to find out ways that you can help to fulfill our mission.
  • Animal Ambassadors : 16 educational ambassadors take turns assisting our staff in teaching the public about wildlife during our programs.  Visit this page to learn more about our unique residents.
  • Leslie Kiehl Education Program Fund : Interested in receiving an education program with WINC  but not sure if you can afford the minimal program fee?  In memory of Leslie Kiehl, a dear friend and employee of WINC, a fund has been developed to assist groups that have financial restraints.