Wildlife Education

Wildlife Education

Our education programs share knowledge about the impact and positive influence we all can have on our wildlife neighbors. Download Education Brochure here.

The Wildlife In Need Center’s (WINC) education staff and volunteers currently provide approximately 150 programs for classrooms, youth groups, civic groups, and community organizations annually.

With our 14 educational animal ambassadors, coupled with other media presentations including Facebook and television appearances, WINC educates over 26,000 people each year.

WINC is staffed and available to help every day, including weekends and most holidays. Our volunteers and staff answer thousands of wildlife questions over the telephone annually. When we aren’t available, we have a website full of useful resources where we provide helpful wildlife information.

Education: Just the Beginning

WINC offers educational programs that can be tailored to any age group! Programs can be given at your school, community center, or other site, and typically include an appearance from a few of our live animal ambassadors. For small groups (50 people or less), WINC has facilities for on-site educational programs.

(Please note: We don’t offer tours of our hospital section due to stress level on the wildlife patients but groups are welcome to come and enjoy our educational classroom space where some of our educational animals live and to enjoy a program.)

Program Options

(Please note: We can always work to tailor something specific to your needs.)

General Program (suitable for all ages; typically runs 30-60 minutes in length): This program includes information about what we do as a wildlife rehabilitation center, how you can get involved and helpful hints on how to peacefully coexist with our wildlife neighbors. The majority of the program is spent with a few of our educational animals as we talk about their individual stories and their natural species ecology.

General Program with Birds of Prey (suitable for all ages – bird species depends on age of group; typically runs 45-60 minutes in length): This program highlights the same topics as our General Program, but this program focusses on Wisconsin native birds of prey with appearances from a variety of our educational birds of prey.

Education Program with PowerPoint (typically runs 60-90 minutes in length)

(Please note: Programs with PowerPoint can also feature live educational animals upon request.)

The Wildlife in Need Center (suitable for Middle School age and up) This PowerPoint presentation includes information about who we are, what we do as a wildlife rehabilitation center, how you can get involved and helpful hints on how to peacefully coexist with our wildlife neighbors.

Wildlife Rehabilitation with Medical Cases (suitable for High School age and up) This PowerPoint presentation is designed to give a more in-depth look at the Wildlife in Need Center, the types of patients admitted to WINC and how our wildlife rehabilitators treat certain medical cases.

Call Before You Kidnap (suitable for Middle School age and up) This PowerPoint presentation provides helpful information for understanding wildlife during the “busy season”, Spring and Summer. This information will help you determine if an infant or juvenile wild animal is in need of help and if it is truly orphaned or not.

Public Booth Display (suitable for all ages; typically runs 60-120 minutes in length): WINC can enhance your event (street fair, festival, etc.) with a public booth set-up and live educational animals.

Scout Programs:

WINC offers general programming for Cub Scouts – Specify the age group and any patches or badges that your pack is working towards and we will try to help customize your program.

WINC is a Community Event Provider for Girl Scouts of Southeastern WI.


ROSIE – Let’s talk about Rosie’s story and meet a few of our educational animals! Rosie teaches us how to make the world a better place. Remember, keeping our environment clean helps to make a clean home for us and for the critters living outdoors.

ZINNI – Let’s read Zinni’s story together! She can help teach us how to be considerate and caring. This is a great reminder to always treat others with kindness, including our animal friends. You’ll also get the chance to meet some of our educational animals.


BUGS – Who eats bugs? Let’s find out what kinds of wild animals would be hungry for bugs. During this program you’ll meet some birds, reptiles and amphibians and we’ll find out their favorite bugs to eat!

PETS– There is a big difference between a wild animal and a pet. During this program, we will learn about what kinds of animals would make good pets and how we should care for them. You’ll also get a chance to meet a few of our educational animals and learn what to do if you find a wild animal that needs help.


ANIMAL HABITATS – There is no better way to learn about animals and their habitats than meeting them up-close! For this program, you’ll meet some of our educational animals, hear their personal stories, learn about their species and discover how to protect their natural homes.


ANIMAL HELPERS – The Wildlife in Need Center helps thousands of wild animals in need each year, but in this program we’ll talk about the numerous ways that animals can help humans. You’ll meet a handful of our educational animals and we’ll discuss the importance of their job!


VOICE FOR ANIMALS – It’s time to raise awareness for animals in need! During this program we’ll dive into the benefits of wildlife rehabilitation, discuss endangered species in Wisconsin and talk about ways you can get involved and make a difference.


We request a $200.00 donation for full programs with live animals. This amount is variable depending upon the size of the group, its resources, and the number of animals presented. In addition, consumable items from WINC’s Wish List may be donated in place of cash in many instances. Additional donations are always welcome and can be considered tax deductible.

To set up an educational program: