Wildlife Education

Education: Just the Beginning

Wildlife in Need Center (WINC) offers educational programs that can be tailored to any age group!  Programs can be given at your school, community center, office building, or other site, and typically include an appearance from a few of our live educational animal ambassadors.  For small groups (up to 35 adults or 55 children), WINC has facilities for on-site educational programs.

With our variety of educational ambassadors, coupled with other media presentations including Facebook and television appearances, WINC gives over 160 programs and educates over 26,000 people each year.

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(We don’t offer tours of our hospital section due to stress level on the wildlife patients, but groups are welcome to come and enjoy our educational classroom space where some of our educational animals live and to enjoy a program.)

Education Programs

PLEASE NOTE:  We can always work to tailor something specific to your needs!  

General Program (suitable for all ages; length and price breakdown in table below):  this program includes information about what we do as a wildlife rehabilitation center, how you can get involved, and helpful hints on how to peacefully coexist with our wildlife neighbors.  The majority of the program is spent with a few of our educational animals as we talk about their individual stories and their natural species’ ecology.  A short PowerPoint presentation can be added for additional focus on a specific topic.

Extended General Program with PowerPoint Presentation (suitable for middle school age and up; length and price breakdown in table below):  this program will combine elements from our General Program, an appearance by a few of our animal ambassadors, and include a full PowerPoint Presentation on a topic of your choosing.  Options include: Wildlife in Need Center: An In-Depth Look at What We Do and a Call Before You Kidnap program that will educate how to keep wildlife wild, as well as how to determine if an animal truly needs our help.

Public Booth Display (suitable for all ages; length and price breakdown in table below):  WINC can enhance your street fair, farmer’s market, festival, etc. with a public booth set-up and live educational animals!  We will be on-hand to answer questions directly to event-goers and give people an up close and personal look at one or more of our animal ambassadors as we share their stories and talk about how to live harmoniously with our wildlife neighbors. Includes 1-2 ambassadors.

Private Meet & Greet (suitable for all ages; length and price breakdown in table below): This program offers up to 6 people the opportunity to not only learn about the Wildlife in Need Center but also to get up close to one of our Animal Ambassadors. Make sure to bring your best camera to take pictures and also have your photograph taken with the ambassador. You may choose one of the following ambassadors for your private showing: Chase the Striped Skunk, Marcy the Virginia Opossum, Chloe the Eastern Screech Owl, Bella the American Toad, Evie the Eastern Foxsnake, Meadow the Bullsnake, Jewel the Ornate Box Turtle, or Antoinette the Western Painted Turtle.

Program Type Program Length Price Onsite Price Offsite
General Program One 30-60 minute program $225 $250*
General Program Two back-to-back 20-30 minute programs $225 $250*
General Program Two back-to-back 35-45 minute programs $250 $275*
General Program Two back-to-back 50-60 minute programs $325 $350*
Extended General Program with PowerPoint Presentation One 60-90 minute program $250 $275*
Public Booth Display 1-3 hour display Unavailable $225*
Private Meet & Greet 15-30 minutes $100 Unavailable

*Each offsite program will be charged an additional mileage fee of $.55 per mile round trip.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout Programs:

Scout Program Options

How to Pay

Program fees can be paid through cash, credit card or check. Checks can be made out to Wildlife in Need Center or WINC.

Consumable items from our General Wish List, Medical Wish List, or Amazon.com Wish List (link to Wish List page) may be collected in place of cash in many instances.  If one is direct sending us items from our Amazon Wish List, a copy of the receipt must be sent to education@helpingwildlife.org with a note indicating which program it is for so credit can be applied accordingly.

Groups unable to afford all or part of the education program fee can apply for funding. Please visit the Leslie Kiehl Education Program Fund for more details. Applying does not guarantee funding.

Additional donations are always welcome and can be considered tax deductible.

How to Schedule

Visit our online education program request form or call (262)-965-3090 x 103.