RRC Committee

At the Wildlife In Need Center (WINC) we strive to give our patients the best and most up-to-date care while they are with us. In order to do this we must always continue to research new techniques for wildlife rehabilitation. As things change and new protocols become better, we need to change our own protocols to keep our care top notch. WINC has a Research and Rehabilitation Committee (RRC) that consists of several people who meet during the fall, winter and spring months to help insure we have proper protocols in place and discuss ideas for research that WINC can participate in to further the field of wildlife rehabilitation.

The committee consists of two WINC staff members, two WINC board members, two vets (Dr. Tom Gilligan from North Lake Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Kemberlie Anderson from Family Pet Clinic) and a University of Wisconsin РWaukesha faculty member, Mike Pauers. The past few years have been spent working on developing and enhancing general and animal care protocols to fit our new building. Now that those are complete we can move our attention to research. The committee has been brainstorming possible opportunities for the center to have more involvement in research to help the field of wildlife rehabilitation. Using our partnership with UW-Waukesha, we hope to begin a small scale research project very soon. This collaboration will help their students, giving them hands-on experience and help us further the field of wildlife rehabilitation.