Youth and adult spring and summer Baby Bird Feeding program

Join Our Baby Bird Feeding Volunteer Team! We are so excited to offer our popular youth volunteer opportunity this spring and summer 2023! Adult Baby Bird Feeders are welcome too!

We receive hundreds of hungry orphaned baby birds from May to September that need lots of quality care. If you are at least 15, you can help provide the attention and care that each bird needs to return it to the wild. If you are 12 to 14, you can team up with an adult to help us with our baby birds. You must be committed to working one four and a half hour shift each week for about eight weeks.

What’s next? Visit our website to learn more on our website here!

Fill out the application RSVP for the Baby Bird Feeder Orientation by calling (262) 965- 3090

Volunteer training class dates will be announced March 2023.

Download our Baby Bird Feeding brochure here!