2022 Issue I Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.

In Memory

In memory of Debbie Verhalen

Leslie Smith

Desiree Plasz

Sally Boyle

Christine Carbery

Colleen Hider

Therese Callahan


In memory of Betty White

Richard and Elaine Alane

Laurel Adraktas

Dr John and Pamela Ryall

Becky Witt

Rebecca Fitch

Timothy Brass

Mardi Kemp

Cheryl Rupp

Kelly McBride

Nikole Bacon

Kaaren Wiken

Sonja Beyerlein

Julie Peggs

Barbara McNaughton

Geri Aurora

Karen and Douglas Barnes


In memory of DeeDee Higgins

Allan and Mary Ellen Froehlich


In honor of Ronald Arthur

Barbara Gutmann


In memory of my brother, Guy

Scott Thelen


In memory of Claudia

Amy Kosloske


In memory of Lucille Buechner

Holly Buechner


In memory of Kai

Barbara Bjur


In memory of Fergie

Barbara Bjur


In memory of Joan Boehme

Buzz Boehme

Catherine Boehme


In memory of Janet Miech, Muskego, WI

Peggy Recknagel


In memory of William Wutke

Bob and Jan Novak


In memory of Sue Martin

Joe and Jan Petrucci

Alice Martin

Joyce Kastern

Judith Vandervest

Robin Martin


In memory of Nancy Ludwig, a friend to wildlife in need

Jeff Ludwig


In memory of Neal Peter Luterbach

The Karus Family – Art, Barb, Pam and Paul

Mike Meyer

Joanna Leon

Jane Robinson

Lauri Clope

Robert Meyer

Michael O’Neil

Christine Rademacher

Cathy Coenen

Terry Sorensen

Candice Zweifel

Marlene Williams

David and Ann Kratzer

Linda Ernst

Garth and Karen Mohr

Jessica Coss

Colleen Weber

John Smart

Sherri and Robert Krantz

Robert and Jean Reuss

Joseph Luterbach and Judith Greene

Daniel and Cynthia Hesse

Paula Pambianco and Stewart Kernes

Tim and Rachel Levenhagen

Joan Kleinhenz


In memory of Betty White and Sparky the Chipmunk

Jennifer Leszczynski


In Memory of John Harley

Connie Lorenz

Eric Kreilkamp

Mike Broker

Kathleen Zastrow


In Memory of Susan Rhode

Kevin and Rebecca Howley

Thomas and Vicky Koch

Michele and William Otto

Nancy and Thomas Tegeder

Allyssa Lemmer

Michael and Judith Brockel

Robert and Kim Maule

John and Mary jo Knapp

Scott Graser

Barbara and Joe Romanowski

Keavy Knauss

Patricia Pietraszewski


In Memory of Mary Ellen Kuehne

Sharon and Jeff Erisman


In Memory of Charlotte Hoffmann

Susan Hoffmann


In Honor

In honor of Dr Frances Rauscher and Dr Sean Hinton

Mary Korkor


In honor of Jared Ferranti (Grandson)

Robert and Gerda Davidovich


In honor of Dr Dale Mann and Rose Mann Family

Greg Mann


In honor of Leslie Smith

William Hansen


In honor of Luna and Willow

Barbara Bjur


In honor of Lincoln

Barbara Bjur


In honor of Tom and Mary Roberts

Lisa Draves


In honor of Mary Roberts Birthday

Susan Skaros

Nancy and John Rupke


In honor of Nina Vitek and in memory of Nina’s parents Paul and Jackie Vastola

Corienne Walek Real Estate LLC


In honor of Quincy Thiel

Kelly Thiel


In honor of Jim Utley

William Utley


In honor of siblings Richard, Judith and Elizabeth

Sally DeVriend


In honor of Steve Kowalchuck

Cheryl Lochmann


In honor of the swan from Pretty Lake

Chris Carlson


In honor of my children Stephen, Joe, and Lori Jean

Carolyn Faber