Infant Raccoon Emergency

As with all infant mammals, every effort should be made to reunite an infant raccoon with its mother. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, so often times if an infant is separated from its mother, the mother will not return for it until after dark. If you find a infant raccoon, follow these suggestions to reunite it with its mother:

  • Carefully examine the raccoon to determine if it is injured.
  • Put the healthy raccoons in a box lined with a soft material like a towel or t-shirt. Place a hot water bottle or some other heat source under the material in the box with the raccoons.
  • Slide the box with the raccoons into a trash can or storage bin turned on its side. This will provide shelter from the weather, but still allow mom access to her infants.
  • Place the trash can or bin with the box containing the raccoons near the area where they were found over night to allow the mother to retrieve her infants.
  • Keep other animals and people away from the area.

If any of the raccoons are injured or if the mother raccoon has not retrieved her infants by morning, please contact the Wildlife In Need Center at (262) 965-3090.


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