2021 Issue II Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.

In Memory

Ursula, my mother who loved wildlife!

Julie Kramer


In memory of Tracy Johnson’s pups.

Theresa Koch


In memory Wayne Gartzke

Rebekah Cesar

William Zuba

Mike and Laurie Steger

Applewood Drywall Service, Inc

Christine Wolfe

Michael Zuba

Michael Taschwer

Linda and Harlan Uttech

James and Constance Lacombe


In memory of Denise (Dee Dee) Higgins

Jennifer Radosevic

Cynthia Putney, from AWG Nebraska Division

John R. Walfoort

Jill Teuscher

Jennifer Weiss

Traci Bulow

Janice Kirkhart

Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.

Mary Bublitz

Danny Deen

Frank Dorsey-Denise will remain forever in our hearts

Samantha Fenske

Leslie Didier

Desiree Ross

Robin Higgins

Harry Rector

Dave Woerpel

Sabrina Bryant

Friends and Co-Workers from Wild Birds Unlimited

Neil Haxton

Cynthia and Dale Gray

Steven and Kathryn Kinnamon

Dennis and Jodie Haxton

Dean and Karin Haxton

Dan & Becky Cauffman

Barbara Keller


In memory of Jack Kresse

The Carstens Family, Chris, Marc and Kimmie

Cathy Laba

Jan and Joe Kresse, Jack’s cousins

Susan Binzer

Sue Guilette

Mary Pluta

Susan Hansen, “with love always your niece and godchild, Susan.”

Nancy and Michael Growth

Donald and Barbara Reinke

Lisa Ruddock

David and Luann Paepke

Barbara Kresse

Charles and Roberta Schiffelbein


In memory of Russ Lehmann’s birthday

Teresa Lehmann and Samantha & Johnny Gast


In memory of my mother Louise

Carol Vandenberg


In memory or Judy Howden

Dr. John and Mrs. Pamela Ryall


In memory of Sylvester

James and Julie Larsen


In loving memory of Jane Schulz. Friend to all of God’s Creatures.

Shelley Lelo


In Honor

Bill Stock – Happy Birthday Bill/dad, loving husband, and father, in honor of your love for wildlife, especially Blue Birds, we made this donation. Love you always, your family.

Cindy Stock


In honor of my sister, Sally Harthun, one of your volunteers.

Donna Herschleb


Dedicated to the sick coyote from Middleton taken in by WINC

Emily Pink


In honor of Tom Roberts for his birthday

Sue Skaros

Lisa & John Draves


In honor of Tom Roberts for all that he does for WINC

Marilyn and Gregory Baker


In honor of my Grandson, Quentin Thornton on his 8th birthday

Robert Waite


In honor of my mom, Pam Wiedmeyer and WINC volunteer

Adam Rasmussen