2020 Issue II Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.

In Honor

In honor of my parents, Terry & Pam Hart for raising us to appreciate & respect wildlife

Kay Hart


In honor of my sister, Sally Harthun, one of your volunteers.

Donna Herschleb


In honor of Robby Lezama

Barbara Young


In honor of Paula O.

Stacy Werkheiser


In honor of Kyrie & Gary’s wedding

Stephanie Bobot


In honor of Tom Roberts birthday

Lisa & John Draves


In honor of Mary & Wilfred Jarnig

Celsea Jarnig


In honor of our granddaughter Erin Toohey

Otto and Rosalie Reinbacher


In Memory

In Memory of Lori Peartree

Richard and Mary Sharp


In Memory of Jill Jones

Richard and Mary Sharp

Deborah Holsen

Brian & Kim Kirkpatrick


In Memory of Katie Pfaff’s dog

Roberta Ganiere


In Memory of Katrina, the Mrotek’s beloved Springer Spaniel

Marta and John Walejewski


In Memory of April &Tibby, Kathleen Hudson’s loving pets

Her Bible Study Sisters


In Memory of William Lane

Dr. Thomas and Mary Roberts


In Memory of Gandalf, the Grey Squirrel

David Dunbar


In Memory of Gabe 87 Leonard

Kay Leonard



In Memory of Grace, the American Kestrel

Judith Michels

Cindy Mueller


In memory of Joann E Schram

David & Lori Omastiak

Ann Sarnowski

Paul McGuire

Daniel & Stephanie Riley

John & Leslie McGuire

William & Cheryl Millot


In Memory of Lawrence J

Annette Jarnig


In Memory of Lucky, her pet Goose

Dawn-Marie Staccia


In memory of Treva Davis

Gayle Scheel

From her cousins-Marilyn Clemes, Judy Menendez, Ken Jones and Chris Brown.