2019 Issue II Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.

In Honor:

In honor of Leslie Smith

William J. Hansen


In honor of Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts

Sue Skaros


In honor of Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts

Lisa & John Draves, Christmas gift


In honor of Chelsea Shapiro & Leslie Matson

Gina Wyse, Christmas gift


In honor of Chelsea Shapiro

Dennis & Donna Rammien


In honor of Ethan Pavlon-Blum (volunteer)

Jerry & Myron Pavlon-Blum (parents)


In honor of Noah Ark Veterinary Staff

Victoria Rachel Cybela


In honor of Rose’s birthday fundraiser

Ashley Frank


In honor of the Byrne and Knippel Families

Sandy Ebben


In honor of Sparky the Chipmunk

Jennifer Leszczynski


In honor of our brother Craig (Lee) Emery and his love for animals

Mary Kay Kelly


In honor of Gabe 87 Leonard

Kay Leonard


In honor of Sally Harthun

Donna Herschleb


In honor of Dr. Nicole Mueller

Amy Jones


In honor of Shannon Jackson Arnold

Michael Arnold


In honor of Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts

Thomas Roberts


In honor of Leslie Smith

Cynthia & Timothy Makos


In honor of Deb Hallinan

Ashlee Chramega


In honor of Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts

Thomas Roberts


In honor of Warren & Mary Popa

Kathy Popa & Jeff Amann


In honor of Mary Roberts birthday

Sue Skaros


In honor of Vincent Cox

First Congregational Church


In honor Benjamin Koenigs (Thrash4Cash) and Data Comm Plus

Amber Gramza


In honor of Cheri Geraci and her love of animals

Brooke Shackleton


In honor of Alvin Sellers

Robin Bolin


In honor of Haley Serebin, Wildlife Lover

Dave Serebin


In honor of Dr.Tom Roberts for Father’s Day

Lisa and John Draves


In honor of Jean Herbst

Bonnie Mielke


In honor of William Lane’s birthday

Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts


In honor of Tom & Mary Roberts overwhelming generosity

Douglas & Margaret Haumiller


In honor of Lisa Rowe

Deanna Turley


In honor of Pat Adams

Deanna Turley


In honor of Angela Nirk & Jim Siegel

William and Carolyn Nirk


In honor of Robert & Ruth Strieter’s Anniversary

Priscilla and Edward Maeder

Carolyn Jaeschke

Darlene Hutterer

Dennis & Kathleen Sampson

Dawn & Marian Larkin

Ann & Brian French

Roland Perschon

Jerold Emmerich & Christina Trompler

Barbara Irsch

Frank & Marion Szep

David & Barbara Swan

Edward & Audrey Schultz

Ian & Ruthann Watts

Helen Claire Krysak

Harvey & Janice Buth

J. Stadler

Darlene & Raymond Radtke

Philip Hahn


In honor of Dr. Tom and Mary Roberts

Douglas and Margaret Haumiller

Carol Wegner


In honor of Angela Nirk

Robert Henner


In honor of Leslie Smith’s birthday

William Hansen


In honor of Debbie Verhalen’s birthday

Pam Wiedmeyer

Patti Gustafson

Kim Banach

Michele Wolf


In honor of Jamie Prost’s 60th birthday

Anne Sapienza


In honor of Dr. Tom Roberts birthday

Sue Skaros

Lisa & John Draves


In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Michaelis & Emily Gabby’s wedding

Arnold & Jessica Chamberlain


In honor of Sue Skaros birthday

Dr. Tom & Mary Roberts


In Memory:

In memory of Catherine Towne

Myrna Fritz

Karen Coe

Wayne & Darlene Fritz

Carol Jean Fritz

Andrew & Christine Kulinski

David Serchuk

Virginia & Geralyn Kulinski

Marie Galewski

Anne O’Connor


In memory of Courtney Leigh Lehmann

Teresa Lehmann


In memory of Myra Johnson

Manila Kochanski (sister)


In Memory of Joyce Stoessner

Milwaukee Retired Police Association

Michael & Cynthia Stroessner

Patricia Smith

David & Mary Ellen Gennrich


In Memory of Karleen Stone-Logan

Nan & Fred Preussler


In Memory or Ruth Lucille Leef

Gary & Catherine Kebbekus


In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Leslie W. Hoeft

Machelle & Nichole Hoeft


In Memory of Richard Mathieu

Mary Chieffe

Brad Stocks


In Memory of “Bob the Squirrel” the Timber-Lee nature center squirrel

Karen Good


In Memory of Diesel

Jeffrey Moll


In Memory of James Malloy

Joe Liello


In Memory of Jenny Arthur

Jeanne Mulvanny

Wilma Hoell (sister)

Jill Beckwith

Laurie Smith

Janet Holk


In Memory of James Malloy

Joe Liello


In memory of Thomas Schmitt

Medex, LLC


In memory of Cliff Baierlipp

Gregory & Marilyn Baker


In memory of Katie, Melanie Danecki’s pet cat

Marta Walejewski


In memory of Jim Moldenhauer

John & Liane Kincaid


In memory of Jayne Baker

James & Laurel Brandenburg

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Price

Paul and Nancy Janowski

Amy & Jonathan Setz

Dwight & Cindrea Gosh-Lee

Jeffrey & Kari Przybylski

Mark & Mary Madigan

Ronald & Roberta Pipping

Robert & Cheryl Stem

Patricia & Robert Huettl

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Gosh

Heidi Cooper

Anthony & Denise Tyler


In memory of Joe Boeck

Robert & Carol Boeck


In memory of Wendy Unrath

Truman & Barbara Schultz


In memory of Russ Fabritz

Christine & John Curro

Steven & Amy Buffalo

Stacy Streich

Gary & Connie Neibauer

Chad Knezel

Janice & Wayne Daniels

Charles McBride


In memory of Howard Manard

Todd and Sandra Helwig

Carol Schoeni


In memory of Karissa Rector

Phyllis Whelan

Daniel Sobol

Friends of Karissa, Connie, Doris, Fran, Judy and Linda McFeaters

William Zalenski, AG Architecture

Olympus Group

Fibersin Industries


In memory of Margaret Wheeler

Mike & Kathy Johnson


In memory of Patricia Turner

Insinkerator 10 Year Club

Rev. Camille Veltri

Jerome Bembenek


In memory of Mom

The Sophie Shave Family


In memory of Patricia Rhodes

Frieda Kelman


In memory of Hannah Kohls

Charles & Denise Hudy


In memory of Chuck Sindelar

International Association of Local 407 Master

Allen & Annie Link

Brian and Julie Baumler

John and Connie Watt

James and Kimberly Stefan

Carol Quimby

Gloria Harris

Allan and Mary Ellen Froehlich

Allen LaConte

Adam Siegel

Kerry Harris

Marna Golemgeske

Fred Matson

Julie Schultz

Shirley & Eddie Voll

Dawn Weideman

Denis & Beatrice Schefus

Marilyn Timper

Jean Trumphy

Barbara Payne

Corene Ryta

Steven & Mary Timm

Richard & Maxine Minch

Marilyn Morgan

Durward and Janice Nimmo

Curtis and Mary Larson

Richard and Margaret McHalsky

Michael and Mavis McGrath

John and Janice Fryatt

Donna and Terry Inman

Robert and Isabel Ladwig

Dahrald and Lana DeCoto

Steven Ellifson Revocable Living Trust

Rickie and Kathryn Ezell

Richard and Diane Clark

Theodore and Marie Cooper

Violet Corliss

Mary Ann Sindelar

Daniel Berghoefer

Roger and Darlene Bjerke

Aspen Orthopedics


In memory of Don Moffett

Tom & Mary Roberts


In memory of Dorothy Lomson

Carol Brodeske


In memory of Courtney Leigh Lehmann

Russ & Teresa Lehmann & Samantha Gast


In memory of Sharon Wilson

Barbara Thomas


In memory of Connie Sixty, Mandy’s grandfather

Constance L. Omitt