2021 Issue I Newsletter – What’s the BUZZ? Remembering Special People

What’s the BUZZ? – Remembering Special People

This year there has been a substantial outpouring of gifts from donors to WINC in honor or memory of special people in their lives. This issue recognizes these very special gifts.

In Honor

In honor of my sister and WINC volunteer, Sally Harthun

Donna Herschleb


In honor of my former colleague Dr. Tom Roberts

Dennis Pollard


In honor of The Girls

Sharon Ellingson


In honor of the Banach family

Terri Jihndon


In honor of Elise, Lucas and Kai

Patricia Ludwig, your grandmother


In honor of my sister Carole Nemec

Audrey Buschman


In honor of Tom & Mary Roberts

Sue Skaros

Lisa & John Draves


In honor of Cindy Bucio

Denise Gerhartz


In honor of Steve Kowalchuk

Cheryl Lochmann


In honor of Luna and Willow and in memory of Kai

Barbara Bjur


In honor of Lincoln and in memory of Fergie

Barbara Bjur


In honor of Dickens, Crystal & Marv’s beloved dog

Julie and Dave Mencel


In honor of Jim and Susan Forbes, Merry Christmas

Paula Forbes


In honor of Tom and Mary Roberts

Sue Skaros, Merry Christmas


In honor of Leslie Smith

Richard Barthel


In honor of Pat Adams

Lynn and John Jankowski


In honor of Jamie Prost

Eunice Hecker


In honor of Mary Robert’s Birthday

Sue Skaros


In honor of my father, who was an environmental biologist

Christy Buchta


In honor of Indy and Elle

Rosemary Metz


In honor of my best buddy, loving companion, Snoball

Joan Grzesk


In honor of Tammy Chatman, who has always gone out of her way to help wildlife.

Lisa Heinz


In honor of Riley, Brooks & Marta

Jennifer Stuckert


In honor of Tom Roberts for Father’s Day

Lisa and John Draves


In Memory

In loving memory of Misty Walsh, Friend to all of God’s Creatures

Shelley Lelo


In loving memory of Treva Davis

Joan Gucciardi

Marilyn Clemes and Judy Mene, her cousins

Gayle Scheel

John and Jean Boray

Sara Daniel


In memory of Gabe 87 Leonard

Kay Leonard


In memory of Dr. Dale Mann and Rose Mann and family

Greg Mann


In memory of my father Ronald Arthur S.

Barbara Gutmann


In memory of Julie

Jeffrey Lewiston


In memory of Ben Larsen

Charles Holsen


In memory of my dad, Hilarion G. Salbeck

Sharon Wolfsohn


In memory of LaVern Wanke and Courtney Lehmann

Russ and Teresa Lehman and Samantha Gast


In memory of Rare-bit, a wild rabbit that befriended me

Sandra Szanderek


In memory of Cynthia Rauland

James Wulff and family


In memory of Walter Mattes

Becky and Bob Seeman


In memory of Robert Kaegi

Myron and Karen Radke

Brian and Athena Boos

Leda Strand and Michael England

Kevin Addesso

Renee Morgan

Timothy Sonntag

Peter and Elizabeth Gottsacker



In memory of Helen Wege

Robert Seamandel and Christine Schoenfeld


In memory of Don Prochniewski

Donald and Cynthia Pannemann


In memory of Gloria Anderson

Diane Brown


In memory of Wayne Grandy’s mother, Shirley Ann Georgel

Tom and Nancy Massnick


In memory of Lawrence Clancy

Greg and Marilyn Baker


In memory of Lee Wisniewski

Debra Tula


In memory of Hanna Kohls (Thank you Beth and Steve for taking great care of Houston)

Denise Hudy


In memory of a baby Killdeer

Yue Liu


In memory of Patti Golden

Leslie Golden


In memory of Pat Adam’s dog, Zeus

Marta and John Walejewski


In memory of Hannah Kohls

Steve and Beth Kohls


In memory of Tracy & Jim Johnson’s pups

Theresa Koch